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Reviews - Junk cars cash Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Our Customers Are Talking

Our customers are talking, and we couldn’t be happier. They have wonderful things to say about the service that we provide. Because we strive for customer satisfaction, this is something that we want to share with you. Have a look at just some of our testimonials below, but be sure to check out sites such as Yelp too.

“I had been trying to sell my 2003 Toyota Tundra for quite some time. Actually, I had unsuccessfully tried to sell it over the internet for maybe 6 months. I had just about given up until I found Cash Junk Cars Fort Lauderdale. I knew I couldn’t get much for it because it had been in an accident and wouldn’t start half of the time. When I went to meet up with the last potential buyer, I couldn’t start it to bring it to them. Cash Junk Cars Fort Lauderdale offered to come pick it up for me at my house. That’s the first thing I was impressed with.

The second thing I was impressed with was the fact that they offered to tow my truck for free, and they said I didn’t have to have the title to get rid of it. They needed my license and registration, and were able to give me cash on the spot. I’m definitely happy and would recommend them if you are looking to junk a car or truck. The process was simple, and the fact that they don’t tack on any additional fees is pleasantly surprising.” – Ryan B., Coral Gables

“I desperately needed to get rid of my Dad’s old Pontiac Grand AM. He let me drive it when I got my license back in 2002 but it literally lasted about a year. It had been sitting in our driveway pretty much ever since because there was no room to park it in the garage. I called Cash Junk Cars Fort Lauderdale and asked if they were willing to come to Boca Raton. They said yes. I asked how much they would pay, they asked about the condition of the car and if I had the title (which I did) and they offered a price to pay me to take it off my hands. I was so thrilled to get rid of the thing, and very happy to have some spare cash. Use them if you need to junk your car. They will come to you, too.” – Katie K., Boca Raton

“My brother had a Mitsubishi Lancer (probably 2006 or 2007) that he had driven all over the place for years. Its blue paint was completely chipping off and frying on the top of the car. It was a major eyesore at his property and didn’t even start half the time. I begged him to get rid of it, but every time he tried to sell it, it either wouldn’t start and he couldn’t take it to the person looking to buy it, or he ended up dealing with a flaky person who never showed up to meet him.

Cash Junk Cars Fort Lauderdale is a place I found with great reviews, and now I see why. They offered him a price over the phone and came by to pick it up in Aventura. And guess what? They didn’t try to push the price down lower when they showed up to pick up the old junk car. I would use them if I had to get rid of my own car, for sure!” Jason, Aventura

“I need to get cash for my car. Miami is a tough area to try to sell anything, because people just want to bargain, bargain, bargain and then pay essentially nothing. I knew I couldn’t get much for my Accord, but wanted at least a couple hundred dollars. These guys offered a fair rate and made things as easy as could be by coming to me.” – Becca L, Miami

Check sites such as Yelp for more testimonials directly from the mouths of our customers. We can assure you that we will pay the most money for your car, and we are confident that we are willing to travel to your South Florida location. However, if for some reason you are too far away, we probably know someone who can assist you. Just ask us if you are curious as to whether or not we would come to your location. When you are ready to junk a car around Fort Lauderdale, we are the place to turn to. Whether you are in Biscayne Park, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton or any other surrounding areas, be sure to contact us when you want to get cash for an old car, and just remember that it doesn’t matter to us if it is working or not. We will be able to make use of it in one way or another, regardless.

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